Validating processe thrugh walkthroughs

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Validating processe thrugh walkthroughs

For example, programmers typically have the perspective of 'what are the technical issues in making this functionality work? A test engineer typically has the perspective of 'what might go wrong with this functionality, and how can we ensure it meets expectations? A technical person who can be highly effective in approaching tasks from both of those perspectives is rare, which is why, sooner or later, organizations bring in test specialists.

Return to top of this page's FAQ list Does every software project need testers?Attendees should prepare for this type of meeting by reading thru the document; most problems will be found during this preparation.The result of the inspection meeting should be a written report.(See the Bookstore section's 'Software QA' category for useful books with more information.) Return to top of this page's FAQ list What is 'good code'?'Good code' is code that works, is reasonably bug free, secure, and is readable and maintainable.Also see 'How can QA processes be implemented without reducing productivity? (See the Bookstore section's 'Software QA', 'Software Engineering', and 'Project Management' categories for useful books with more information.) Return to top of this page's FAQ list What is verification? Verification typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications.

This can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.The answer depends on the size and context of the project, the risks, the development methodology, the skill and experience of the developers, and other factors.For instance, if the project is a short-term, small, low risk project, with highly experienced programmers utilizing thorough unit testing or test-first development, then test engineers may not be required for the project to succeed.Some organizations have coding 'standards' that all developers are supposed to adhere to, but everyone has different ideas about what's best, or what is too many or too few rules.There are also various theories and metrics, such as Mc Cabe Complexity metrics.As in any business, the use of personnel with specialized skills enhances an organization's ability to be successful in large, complex, or difficult tasks.

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