Therapist dating clients

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Therapist dating clients

So what happens when you become attracted to a patient you're treating? I have been sexually attracted to a patient, and moreover, been incredibly emotionally and psychologically attracted to a patient.

I also don't want to portray myself as attainable and intentionally deceive my patients.

Being aware of your issues is key to combating this.

I neither want to be physically attractive or overly charming in the eyes of my patients.

First and foremost, I have slept with my fair share of attractive partners, so human aesthetics do not blow me away.

In addition as I stated earlier, attractiveness tends to fade or increase based upon the discovery of their personality.

It compounds the difficulty when there is a connection with the patient, they are mutually attracted to and seducing you, or even in extreme cases when they idolize you, your work, or how you have helped them and they are fulfilling natural human ego needs in me.

You have to remind yourself of your role, that their attraction/seduction may be part of a destructive or manipulative pattern of their behavior, and try to remain as benign and bland as possible to allow the therapeutic process to take effect.

Nothing was lost in our feelings between each other and after they had a few drinks we found our way to her room in the hotel, sneaking off of course, to engage in 10 minutes of the most intense, long-awaited, built up make-out session of my life that had indicated an unparralled chemistry and compatability.

Ethically, I feel like some may call my behavior into question.

One time in my career, upon termination of the therapeutic relationship, did a patient and I acknowledge a connection and an attraction, almost in the presentation that we could exist together in another lifetime.

It was as strong as a connection as I have ever felt for someone, but unacted upon.

, Anonymous, is a licensed therapist who treats many different patients, but specializes in teens and couples therapy.

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