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Posting ahead of her journey, Blondeau was seen posing in black skinny jeans and a simple grey hoodie, the backdrop of her French home town in the background.'Ready to go to NYC tomorrow,' she wrote excitedly, adding '#NYFW' as she prepared for the fashion extravaganza.

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Posing with Gabriel-Kane, son of actor Daniel Day Lewis, influencer Cameron Dallas, British Elite model Anaïs Gallagher (who is also musician Noel Gallagher's daughter), and IMG model Neels Visser, she looked every inch the seasoned professional.'Thank u so much for this amazing show @tommyhilfiger @gigihadid', she captioned the behind the scenes snap.

Raise your arms to the side of your body making them appear parallel to the ground.

Take a pause while coming back to your starting position and repeat the process.

Push ups work to reduce the breast size by working on the shoulder and chest muscles.

You can do basic push ups twice a day, 2 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Shrug your shoulders, touching your earlobes ensuring that your elbows are straight and your hands are kept alongside your thighs.

You just need to push them up and down and are not required to roll them.You just need to join your palms, pressing against each other.This will exert pressure on your chest and pectoral muscles and thus leading to their reduction. Lift dumbbells or water bottles in both hands and lift them up and then put your hands down.Hi ladies, Not every girl wants to have fuller looking breasts and fuller breasts can be a cause of distress for many girls.Not to forget, larger breasts can cause physical and emotional problems as well.It is a great way to reduce your bust size as the back and front strokes work well on the chest as well as on the shoulder muscles.