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The image is a detail from a cover in the Jaiswal collection that included the preceding open-circle datestamp. Hellrigl reports also a late strike of the diamond in blue for September 1869. This implement, used by the Sialkot City Mail Agency, persisted in sporadic use for about two years starting perhaps in November 1866 to December 1868, when it also appears in violet.

These come in different cuttings, not all of them definitely assignable to Sialkot. Here is a cutting of the large circle with even smaller lettering, from a cover dating 15 April 1887 at Sialkot.The old spelling SEALKOTE gives way to SIALKOT in March 1877.The separable L-3 obliterator, which made its appearance years ago in 1874 with SEALKOTE date stamps, continues its labors into this new period, and will be seen with several of the SIALKOT date stamps until summer 1880. To facilitate comparison, different cuttings overlapping a span of years are shown here together. The lower three are, left to right: December 1877, January 1878 and January 1879.This variant is easily distinguished by its larger lettering and by the shape of the S, which nudges the circle. This type did not supersede the earlier, and both are known in contemporaneous action to the end of 1876.Séfi & Mortimer report that one or another of these cuttings also occurs with 1st or 2nd delivery notation, which must be decidedly scarce, indeed hard to imagine. Such, however, are known for the later “Sialkot” types, and perhaps the reference to such types in their “Sealkote” discussion was inadvertently to those.Sialkot also hosted what was in effect an extra-territorial office for the State.

There are overt postal markings attesting to the fact, namely a postage due seal and a duplex obliterator (both pictured on the Native Markings page 1878-79). The station at Simla was #55, but examples of Simla and Kashmir postal connections are unaccountably (?This image is from a detail of an 1867 cover in the Hellrigl collection.This type is not to be confused with a redrawn U-26 obliterator (downscreen) of squarer shape surrounded by a circle seen in November 1870, where it is found in duplex with a rare serifed SEALCOTE CITY datestamp in arc. The C-type datestamp was known already in the pre-stamp period and will outlive its K-type partner by as much as three years.We have seen the middle variety from as early as 6 April 1877 and it may actually antedate the first.The example on the right exhibits a more tightly set lettering in the SIA- as well as the small base to the L, which makes for a noticeable difference in the distance between the uprights of the L and K. A relatively scarce type, seemingly in the way of an experiment, that probably persisted for only a year or so in the 1879-80 period.Whether the early Jamvu Circle, also in native character, was used at Sialkot in its earliest usage is under investigation.

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