Scott clifton dating

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Scott clifton dating

Wallace serves as Scott's mentor during his trials, assisting Scott with training for his fights against Ramona's exes and gathering intel on them.He may have trained Scott in his fighting style, as Scott calls him a terrible master.

He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 5.3 years.

The character's name was inspired by the song "Scott Pilgrim" from Plumtree's 1998 album Predicts the Future.

He believes that smoking is evil, drinks "only on occasions", and doesn't hit girls.

Wallace is more intelligent, responsible and mature than Scott: he holds down a job and pays for most of their expenses while they lived together as roommates.

Most of their apartment's furniture and possessions belong to Wallace and he buys the majority of their groceries.

O'Malley said that during the development of the book, "the hair colors in the book barely crossed my mind (I just used whatever color seemed nice at the time if I was coloring a cover or illustration).

There were no “canon” hair colors in my mind." Scott William Pilgrim is the 23-year-old (22 in film and 24 in volumes 5-6) protagonist.This article is a list of fictional characters in the comic book series Scott Pilgrim and the film adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs. For the film versions of the characters, O'Malley sent crib sheets that explained backstory, character motivations, and events in the book to Michael Bacall and Edgar Wright.Bacall then created a list of "ten secret things" for each character, according to O'Malley, for fun, and many of the entries were jokes: O'Malley said that the "ten secret things" documents were not intended to be taken seriously as character background.However, I must inform you that Knives was mainly being mean when she said Ramona was fat." Her natural hair colour is not stated. After Winstead learned she had the part, she began training to be the character in Los Angeles.O'Malley said "Nobody knows her natural hair color. She changes it a lot because she’s trying to figure out who she is / who she wants to be." On another occasion, when asked, O'Malley said "I don’t know… The training included stunt training, pushups, and fight training.Her head glows periodically, usually when she is upset, jealous, or heartbroken (this is revealed to be the work of Gideon who has zapped Ramona with 'the glow' a psychological weapon that locks the target in their own head with nothing but their emotional baggage), though she herself is unaware of this until Kim Pine brings attention to it in volume 5. But things about her family-she's kind of a tragic figure in a way.

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