Psychologist dating former patient

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It is not our intention to trivialize the seriousness of the issues.As part of our disguising process, we also randomly assign various professional designations, earned degrees or licensure status.

Course format (distance learning - online activity). Net has been approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP), ACEP #6323.Although one can identify various types of high risk therapists and situations, we also conclude that no one seems immune from temptation.Psychotherapeutic alliances have peculiar and significant features that require firm professional resolve and self-monitoring.Many ethical challenges arise based on highly variable and unpredictable contextual factors.This course material will equip clinicians to have a basic understanding of core ethical principles and standards related to the topics discussed and to ethical decision making generally, but cannot cover every possible circumstance.Also, for ease of presentation, we use the term “therapist” throughout to refer to anyone delivering psychotherapy or counseling services to clients.

The materials in this course are based on current published ethical standards and the most accurate information available to the authors at the time of writing.In the actual case, a brief affair soon ensued and proved unsatisfactory to both parties.The therapist did not prove to be the amazing lover the client had fantasized, and, as the therapist told the ethics committee after the client pressed charges, “I learned the hard way why this client needed serious psychotherapy.” The professional association expelled the therapist and notified the licensing board in his state.One might assume that therapists found guilty of forming high risk relationships with clients consist chiefly of poorly trained, obtuse, or psychopathic individuals.Amazingly, actual cases of serious infractions from our personal experience serving on ethics committees include more than one past president of state psychological associations, current and former members of state licensing boards, a professor at a major university who authored an article on professional ethics, and even chair of a state psychological association ethics committee!When in doubt, we advise consultation with knowledgeable colleagues and/or professional association ethics committees.

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