Overseas free webcams

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Overseas free webcams

This brought about a sudden rise in the enthusiasm of skiing in Nozawa Onsen.

Taking place on January 15 every year, the festival is staged by men aged 42 and 25 (so-called “unlucky ages”) to celebrate the birth of a familyʼs first child, to dispel evil spirits, and pray for happy marriage.There are trains almost every hour and most trains have a direct bus connection. There are also direct buses to the resort from the main Nagano city train station and this is a popular choice.By car, get off the Joshinetsu Expressway at Toyama Iiyama IC and take Route 117 to Nozawa.The highlight is a “fire-setting battle” which ends up with the setting fire to a huge wooden structure with blazing torches by the offensive team and the offering of torches to the deity, making the festival truly spectacular and exciting.Half day tickets are valid from opening time until 1pm or from 12pm until closing of daytime hours.Nozawa Onsen has no train station, but is connected by bus to Iiyama and Nagano Dentetsu lines.

From Nagano Station you can take the Iiyama line to Togari Nozawa Onsen Station (a 60 minute journey).

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The village is located at the foot of Kenashi-yama (literally Mt No-hair), alt 1650 meters, in beautiful natural surroundings - lush green in spring and summer, coloured leaves in autumn and of course spectacular snow covered surroundings in winter.

Skiing was introduced to Japan in 1911 by Austrian Major Theodor von Lerch and came to Nozawa the following year, although the ski hill was not established until 1924.