Newsequentialid error validating

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Newsequentialid error validating - Free s way cam

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You'd be hard-pushed to find a better example of why they're hideous for any kind of identifier that is supposed to be readable. even for relatively small integer identifiers (7 digits). You need a way to handle ID conflicts, in that case.

And then reality intervenes, and you have a non understandable system problem.

Leaving aside the size of the Guid, or the fact that it is not sequential, two issues with an identifier, the major problem is that it is pretty much opaque for the users.

They do however provide protection from a certain class of developer brain-melts: They make it impossible to accidentally use IDs out of context.

Let's say you're like everyone else these days and are building some multi-user online product, with all customers' data in the one database.

And it drove everyone crazy about how could it be that this wasn’t working.

Here are those Guids again: Unfortunately, you won't kill them: problem is not Guid itself, but encoding and its presentation.You might have noticed that I don’t like Guids all that much.Guids seems like a great solution when you need to generate an id for something.Another option is to use a COMB, which gives you a timestamp for "free." 128 bits just isn't that big a deal for modern computers to store or compare, so while I use GUIDs heavily as surrogate primary keys, I don't notice a performance issue compared to the old days when I used 32-bit integers.Question is not well formed : Although the IDENTITY property automates row numbering within one table, separate tables, each with its own identifier column, can generate the same values.How do you create an object and give it an identifier before checking with a central authority whether that identifier is in use?

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