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A greedy philandering wife (Mary Ellen Trainor) kills her second husband (Marshall Bell) for his insurance money.

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He suddenly remembers that he forgot that he only has eight lives, because the cat had to die the first time. A young self-obsessed prostitute (Lea Thompson) "sells" her looks to a voodoo-dabbling pawnbroker (Britt Leach) so that she can use the money in order to snag a rich bachelor (Brett Cullen), but she soon regrets it four months later when her own face begins to shockingly and unexpectedly age at an accelerated rate.

Also starring John Astin, Paul Benedict, Kimmy Robertson, Louise Fletcher, and Sandra Bernhard.

A thug (James Remar) who's working for a plantation owner (John Rhys-Davies) teams up with the owner's mistress (Vanity) in order to steal a highly valuable black pearl.

After a series of weird and bizarre monster attacks, an attractive policewoman (Cynthia Gibb) interrogates the cartoonist, believing that he is somehow making his stories come true.

The cartoonist must figure out the cause of the threat while also struggling with his own personal feelings for the policewoman. A two-faced circus sideshow freak (Jeff Yagher) falls in love with a 4000-year-old mummy which is said to be cursed.

For the uncle, it may come full circle when he quotes the Bible often.

An employee of the Tales from the Crypt comic (Harry Anderson) is put-upon by his shrewish wife (Colleen Camp) to take potent fertility pills.

He finally gains over the woman's affections, only to regret his choice after the woman's obsessive love and their torrid affair becomes too much for him to take and handle.

Also starring Kathleen Freeman as the next door neighbor.

However, he is shocked to discover that both his long-suffering wife and brother (Bruno Kirby) have double-crossed him. Fox, who directed this episode, plays the prosecutor, and James Tolkan plays a policeman investigating the "murder scene".

A doctor (Tony Goldwyn) who plays too many pranks soon finds out that revenge can be a harrowing event when his brother (Beau Bridges) (also a doctor) makes him the guinea pig of a new serum that mimics death. " renamed for television A struggling actor (Jon Lovitz) kills off his competition (Bruce Boxleitner) in order to secure a part in a strange production of Hamlet, only to discover that the actors are escaped mental patients (and criminals) and that instead he's to play the part of the long-deceased Yorick -- for real.

An elderly cosmetics saleswoman (Frances Bay) visits the home of a young vain and eccentric couple (Brian Kerwin and Carol Kane) and convinces the wife to try on a magic necklace that switches the wife's body with hers.