Jim lang dating game

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Game Show by Chuck Barris Productions which debuted on ABC in 1965 with host Jim Lange.

He had a doctor's appointment on the day he died at home. "It was like, 'I'm a DJ and a TV guy.' His speech was funny, self-deprecating and gracious. I'll have more on the transition in the next Radio Waves.

After questioning, the "bachelorette" chose one of the bachelors for her date, based only on how they answered her questions.

On occasion, the role would be reversed (one bachelor, three bachelorettes).

And, since it's been a while since we ran the numbers - ARBs or Nielsens - here are the top dozen stations for January.

These are overall ratings, for all listeners, all days, dawn to midnight, with their share of the tuned-in audience: KCBS (5.3), KQED (5.2), KNBR (4.7), KMVQ ("Now") (4.5), KIOI ("Star 101.3") (4.1), KOIT (4), KBRG (3.9), KMEL (3.8), KISQ ("Kiss") (3.6), KYLD ("Wild") (3.5), KLLC ("Alice") (3.3) and KOSF (2.9).

In 1991, I did a profile of Jim Lange, the longtime DJ on KSFO and the original host of "The Dating Game" and other TV game shows.

It was "The Dating Game" - where he introduced the batches of bachelors by booming, "And h-e-e-re they are! "It'll be on my tombstone," he said, revving up his built-for-broadcasting baritone: 'And h-e-e-re he is!

" In 1960, he switched to KSFO and joined a lineup, led by morning star Don Sherwood, that would dominate local radio for years.

KSFO called itself "The World's Greatest Radio Station," and, sometimes, it was hard to argue. Although Lange told me he felt "stigmatized" by his affiliation with the TV show, he was lucky, he said, that "in San Francisco, more people know me as the guy on the radio.

But then, it's 'Oh, you worked with Don Sherwood.' " Or they knew him as the guy who got the KSFO morning show whenever Sherwood left the station, in a huff or for another opportunity.

And whenever the king of KSFO returned, Lange would be moved to afternoons. "I didn't get an ego blast at all." Besides, he was also working on TV, both before and after "The Dating Game." Soon after joining KSFO, he became an announcer on "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show," broadcast nationally from San Francisco.

Syndicated revivals were moderated by Elaine Joyce, Jeff Mac Gregor, Brad Sherwood, and Chuck Woolery.

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