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Your family hasn’t signed up for that.’From that answer, I infer she is with somebody, especially when I say, ‘Well, the papers are bound to get a photo of you together,’ and she looks alarmed.‘The paparazzi don’t bother me here [in London] and they don’t bother me in Manchester [where she lives].’Suranne was born Sarah Anne – she changed her name because her own was already taken at Equity, the actor’s union – in a terraced house in Oldham, Lancashire.

It’s a classic piece I’ll wear again and again.’ Sarah Jessica Parker wore the short version, she adds. I’m now more able to say no.’Suranne Jones left Coronation Street nearly six years ago – it was her decision to leave after four years as the mouthy, scene-stealing Karen Mc Donald, twice married to – and divorced from – bad boy Steve Mc Donald.

Suranne Jones is getting incredibly worked up about the rails of clothes the stylist has brought along for our photo shoot.

Suranne has turned up in jeans, without a scrap of make-up. She is, thankfully, not your common-or-garden stick-insect celebrity. I don’t like flimsy, I need quite a lot of structure. When it came to the Baftas, a week before I wailed, “Oh no, I’ve got nothing to wear!

Her father Chris was an engineer, her mother Jenny a secretary. ‘I had all this energy, but it wasn’t focused – it just meant I was always talking in class.

So my mum and dad put me in theatre school and that was it – I was singing, dancing, acting.

I talked about my private life all the time, and I was quite happy to share my life, but then it started to get me down.

And I said to my dad, “I feel like I have to talk about my life,” and he said, “No, you don’t have to do anything.” Talking makes it difficult for the other person.‘My life is so busy and all over the place that…I can’t compartmentalise things. And that Bafta nomination, for her performance in ITV’s Unforgiven as a teenage murderer released from prison after 15 years, confirmed that she wasn’t about to go the way of many ex-soap stars – slots on Loose Women, appearances in skimpy dresses on red carpets. It’s a weird mix of being proud of it and then also trying to move on from it.’ Her latest role looks set to propel her to new heights.There isn’t a little box for styling myself, which is terrible because I just can’t be bothered.’ So what happens when she has to dress up for a photo shoot? Instead she opted for serious work: another well-received role was in BBC1’s consecutive-night drama Five Days, in which she played a stressed police officer trying to tackle a terrorist threat against a background of family problems, alongside an ensemble cast that included Anne Reid (as her mother) and David Morrissey. Single Father is a four-part drama to be screened on BBC1 this autumn.”’ Does her curvy figure (she has said in the past that she once considered breast reduction) make it less easy to do what most actresses do, and borrow something?‘Because I’m not a size six or eight it’s hard to get the sample sizes,’ she admits.He said, “You’re busy, I’ll organise everything,” and I keep getting e-mails, saying, “What about this?

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