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Hookup genital warts - validating e mail addresses

I just got diagnosed with HPV (genital warts) through a Pap smear.I’ve been dating my boyfriend for six months…how do I tell my partner I have genital warts?

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In men they occur within the urethra (tube from the bladder), on the shaft of the penis, the scrotum and the anus.

I’m also wondering if I got them from him cheating on me. And I understand that it’s not always easy to tell a partner that you have genital warts or some other condition.

I’ll try to provide a few facts about HPV that might help get the conversation started…

One idea is to begin the conversation by sharing with your boyfriend that you recently went to the doctor and had some routine tests done.

You found out that you have a common virus called human papillomavirus or HPV. Once you’re prepared with good information, telling your boyfriend about your genital warts will likely be easier.

Finally, starting the conversation from the perspective of doing what’s best for your health and his health will also provide a platform from which to have an honest dialogue about other concerns…like whether or not your boyfriend might be sexually active with someone else.

I wish you good health, as well as courage in developing a trusting relationship.

You’re on the right track to gather information and start thinking about what to say to your boyfriend about genital warts.

Having an open, honest conversation about each other’s sexual history is very important way to protect yourself and your partner from possibly transmitting genital warts or other sexually transmitted infections to each other.

All individuals who engage in sexual activity (that is nearly every human being) are at risk of acquiring HPV infection.

It is without doubt the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world.

I encourage you to talk to your boyfriend soon about your genital warts.

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