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"He would insert his fingers, and it was in and out.

She first came into contact with Nassar in 1994, as an adolescent competing with the U. Nassar then moved on to "intravaginal adjustments" - treatments involving vaginal and anal penetration, performed without gloves or lubricant and without a third party in the room, the lawsuit says.Child-porn charges for former USA Gymnastics, MSU doctor Over the years, some of Nassar's alleged victims say they were telling parents, coaches, counselors, MSU athletic trainers - even police -- that, without consent or explanation, Nassar was digitally penetrating them in the vagina and anus during medical treatments for back, hip and other injuries.Yet again and again, the women's accounts were viewed with skepticism, the women claim.MSU, the only entity to employ Nassar, denied the university had knowledge of any complaints prior to 2014 and said it had not protected Nassar, according to MSU spokesman Jason Cody.In an email to members of the MSU community, university President Lou Anna K.Lopez said she was told she could file a complaint against Nassar, but "I was really encouraged not to," Lopez said.

"At the end of the conversation, I remember her reminding me that he was a world-renowned doctor who treated elite athletes," Lopez said.

Also engulfed in the controversy are MSU, where Nassar was a faculty member and practitioner at MSU's sports-medicine clinic from 1997 until he was fired last September; USA Gymnastics, the sport's national governing body, where Nassar started as an athletic trainer in 1986 and served as chief medical coordinator and U. team doctor from 1996 to 2015, and Twistars, a high-profile USA Gymnastics training facility in the Lansing area, which referred athletes to Nassar.

All three organizations are named as co-defendants in some of the lawsuits.

Lopez said she also told another member of the athletic training department.

Lopez told that person that Nassar's treatments weren't providing relief for her back pain and she was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

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