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The United Nations' mission should remain focused on bringing the world community together rather than embracing divisiveness and intolerance.I urge the UN to raise Uganda's human rights violations with Mr.

Human Rights Watch has issued a report that forces of the Museveni/Kiir alliance may have been responsible for the use of banned cluster bombs in the war and called for an investigation. ambassador to Uganda Jerry Lanier in a cable to the State Department on October 17, 2009, said Mr. Museveni was unwilling to hold accountable for corruption. Parliament found that he had used his post as then minister of finance to divert funds from the national airlines, Uganda Airlines, to benefit a private company Entebbe Handling Services (ENHAS), of which he was Chairman. So are the victims of political repression and violence in Uganda, including against the LGBT community. There is certainly precedent; in April you refused to issue a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran's designated Permanent Representative to the UN, when it was revealed that he had been one of the students who seized hostages and the U. The best HIV dating community for HIV singles that provides all the users with the best chance to meet up with other individuals in a non-discriminatory environment where everyone involved can be comfortable with being themselves.Kutesa as the airlines was kept in the dark regarding what was supposed to be joint finances. Turinawe refused to return potentially incriminating documents that an aide to Mr. Kutesa's candidacy, your spokesperson sent me a statement saying you had also opposed Uganda's anti-Gay law and that you made this clear publicly, and directly, to the Ugandan leadership. Secretary your spokesperson did not respond to my question concerning your own position regarding Mr. Kutesa had handed to him, another Kutesa aide tried, unsuccessfully, to physically grab the papers from Mr. Kutesa's candidacy for the Presidency and if you intend to revoke his visa as the more than 7,000 Petitioners urge. A 17-year-old boy killed himself by swallowing rat poison and pills on 3 April because he felt his life had no further value, according to the survey.

The law, "has given permission to a culture of extreme and violent homophobia whereby both state and non-state actors are free to persecute Uganda's LGBTI people with impunity," according to The Guardian's article based on the Sexual Minorities' report. Secretary, as you know, the law also calls for life-prison terms for Gays; previously while being debated in Uganda's Parliament it had called for death by hanging.

(And by the way I don't recall that you ever issued a statement about the alleged use of cluster bombs.) 4. Kutesa has been involved in numerous serious alleged corruption scandals in Uganda dating over 15 years. ENHAS had entered a 50/50 business arrangement with Uganda Airlines. Museveni's, even some of the militia leaders conclude that "human rights" and the "rule of law" are meaningless words -- all that an African dictator need do is claim to be a U.

In addition to being censured for "serious conflict of interest" Parliament was also told that Mr.

Kutesa's views must be known and explained, as this law is in contradiction to the UN charter and denies equality for members of the LGBT community.

It would be disturbing to see the foreign minister of a country that passed an unjust, harsh and discriminatory law based on sexual orientation preside over the UN General Assembly.

Kutesa and stand with Uganda's LGBT community facing injustice and persecution at home.