Dating burnout

01-Mar-2020 05:17 by 8 Comments

Dating burnout - Adult chat room pics

The conversation was stilted and awkward, his flaws were magnified and getting through the date was a trial instead of a fun evening out.

And besides: you never know where even a supposedly “failed” date might end up.

It’s the ability to just enjoy a date for its own sake that’s critical to avoiding dating burnout; it’s easy to get frustrated when each date is another two to four hours of your life spent not getting any closer to getting what you want.

It’s another entirely if you are just looking to spend time with somebody new and interesting, even if it never goes anywhere past that night. Hell, they may end up being somebody you wouldn’t normally go out with on a .

Everything about you is going to radiate “unhappy”, and your potential dates are going to pick up on that.

So let’s look at some of the things that make dating more fun.

Grumpy Cat makes for an excellent meme, but in person, someone with that attitude would quickly become exhausting. House is fun to watch on TV, but we like him because we’re at a step removed; Part of making dating more fun means deliberately reframing situations for the better – forcing yourself to look on the bright side of things.

A getting rejected isn’t the end of the world, it’s one less person you don’t have to focus on; you know how they feel and you’re free to move on to find someone who digs you.

One of my friends has been back on the dating market for a few months now and has been consulting with me over some of her dates.

One of the things I’d noticed right off the bat was the way she was approaching each night’s date: “Well, this is going to suck…” And, like clockwork, it would.

You try to get through it as quickly as possible instead of doing it as well as you can.

It becomes the emotional equivalent of trying to perform ballet while tensing every muscle in your body at the same time.

Maintaining a positive outlook is a habit; the sooner you cultivate it, the easier and more relaxing you’ll find dating to be.