Dating agency complaints

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Dating agency complaints - asterisk dns not updating

I then spoke to a manager who was able to connect me to Jay.

It is true that the price of a cruise is the same whether you book directly with the cruise line or with a Travel Agent.I booked a trip with Globus to Europe for May 2013 and was given an Avoya agent named Greg.He booked our trip and, because we were going an extra day early and later to the trip, booked our air separately. He didn't give me a booking number, seat assignments, nothing.I guarantee if you were to call half of the cruise lines directly they wouldn't know a thing about which cabin number is ideal or even have a clue about the destination you are traveling to.Trust me I know this because I have called many of the cruise lines directly and often times I get a clueless agent on the other line who has no clue.I said well the very least you could do is make sure he is trained so that it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Her response was there is a file & the appropriate dept.When you book direct you are just a booking number that is it.My clients text me, call me after hours on the weekend ect, and yeah the cruise line is open 24 hours, but each time you call you will get a different person who you will have to explain your story to.I work with my clients one and one and remember their names when they call and not just their booking number.Travel Agents build relationships and we donate a lot of our time to clients, such as the one above, who use our services for advice, suggestions ect and then just go and book it direct.for two-my husband & myself, taxes, & port charges) & that it would be a 0 deposit.