Dating agency builder

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Dating agency builder

Las Vegas-Male Actor for Music Video paying 20-30 male actor needed for music video Media will be producing a Rock Music Video Called “What if I told you” Role: Male Bartender (Late 20’s Caucasian or Hispanic) Athletic, fit, Las Vegas-Female promo #model 18-29 paying Productions is looking for models in the Las Vegas area to help promote our new film ‘Sophia’. Roles: Lead: Fat Guy – [40] Male, taller, bigger build, balding Pregnant Gal [30] – Female, taller, average build, longer hair, any color.Please be between the ages of 18-29 and be height/weight appropriate. *DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PREGNANT Birthday Woman [25] – Female, average height, smaller build, longer hair, any color.

Paying Utah-Male MMA or body builder type We are looking for a MMA or body builder type talent to host several fitness videos. This is a paid gig and we are looking to shoot early December. (PAID) Utah-commercial tons of roles paying SEARS TV Commercial CASTING BREAKDOWN Production Dates: Oct 31, 2013 & Nov 1, 2013.

ALL ACTORS – if you want to be considered for the casting call – LAS VEGAS ~ PHOTO SHOOT #CASTING ~ PAY PHOTOS!

Open shoot for female models both with and without experience. (Boise / Garden City / Nampa) Company seeking 3 girls that can represent a company at an event being held in the Treasure Valley.

Looking for outgoing classy attractive females AND MALES ages 21-32 Pay is per hour.

This can lead to working with this company on HUGE SUNDANCE projects.


Must live in or near Las Vegas and must be a US citizen.

I just received a preliminary casting breakdown for a new Mormon Youth Message on bullying.

Many of these roles require some great actors, so I’m coming to you first.

What we’re going to be doing is have the girl in a sexy army outfit in a heavy foot traffic area interacting with the public. Birthday Boy [11] – Male, smaller, average build, any hair type, any color.

She’ll hand out flyers, take photos with fans and general interaction with the public. Oldest son of (ADULT) CARMEN (37) and (ADULT) OMAR (44). Featured: Wife – [35] Female, smaller, average build, longer hair, any color Son – [10] Male, average build, shorter hair, any color Woman at Baby Shower 1 [28] – Female, smaller, average build, shorter hair, any color.

Sin City DSLR Filmmakers, a group of local filmmakers that have come together to make films and create a vibrant, active independent filmmaking community are producing a short film titled AFTER.