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As many of you are probably aware I spent about 3 months in the Middle East bopping around.From Egypt to Israel to the West Bank and to Jordan I explored the various parts of each country and photographed them in my own way.

Once I reached close to the end I scanned the tops of the surrounding mountains and found the cousin of my guide I had been seeking.I entered the taxi and was on my guard, I knew he would try to up sell me from the original plan of taking me to Petra, the city of ancient ruins.After a few minutes I realised Petra was hours away and the cost would be incredible.But I breezed through inspection and found myself in the Kingdom in a matter of minutes.As soon as I entered the country I was ushered to a taxi driver.Unused Fragrant Branches of Yore are lost upon entering NG .

A total of eight can be found in the main game (seven in Sot FS): In Scholar of the First Sin, several additional branches and statues have been added, for a total of seventeen of both.These are my different stories and experiences traveling alone.This is a personal story and took me a while to write and talk about.This is a story about growing up and being a lot more naive than I thought I was.I ordered a taxi with confidence and said “Take me to Jordan,” to the Taxi man.The US and Jordan have been allies for decades and have supported Jordan’s opposition to terrorism, so tourism is a common way for Jordanians to make money. I lapped up the information like a wide-eyed two year old, asking why.