Asterisk dns not updating

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The DNS configuration information is replicated just like any other data in e Directory.

The Novell DNS server can act as either a master DNS server or a secondary DNS server in relation to non-Novell DNS servers.The DNS software in Open Enterprise Server integrates DNS information into e Directory.Integrating DNS with e Directory greatly simplifies network administration by enabling you to enter all configuration information into one distributed database.S2 occasionally requests zone transfers from the foreign server and places the modified zone data into e Directory, where any of the Novell servers can respond to queries for it.S3 and S4 will get the latest data through e Directory.The Designated DNS (DDNS) server is a server identified by the network administrator to perform certain tasks for a primary zone.

The DDNS server for a primary zone is the only server in that zone that receives dynamic updates from a DHCP server to perform Dynamic DNS (DDNS) updates.These updates cause additions and deletions of resource records and updates to the zone’s serial number.Figure 1-6 illustrates a Novell server as the primary and secondary DNS name server and also illustrates primary and secondary zones within e Directory. Any of the Novell DNS servers assigned to a zone is able to respond authoritatively to queries for the zone.The server assigned to perform this function in a secondary zone is called the Zone-in (Designated Secondary) DNS server.In a secondary zone, the Zone-in server is responsible for requesting a zone transfer of data from the external primary name server.All Novell DNS servers can then access the data through e Directory replication.

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