Adult chat wanadoo

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Adult chat wanadoo

In recent years, it has changed its product names with trendier expressions such as Business Talk, Live-Zoom, Family Talk.

Meanwhile, Air France has renamed its Fréquence Plus frequent flyer program to Flying Blue.

A somewhat different tack was taken in Luis van Rooten's Mots d'Heures: Gousses, Rames: The D'Antin Manuscript.

Here, English nursery rhymes are written with nonsensical French phrases meant to recall the sounds of the English words, and the resulting French texts are presented as a historical manuscript and given a pseudo-learned commentary.

Chaucer's Prioress knew nothing of the French of Paris, but only that of Stratford-atte-Bow ('Cockney French').

Similar mixtures occur in the later stages of Law French, such as the famous defendant who "ject un brickbat a le dit Justice, que narrowly mist" ("threw a brickbat at the said Justice, which narrowly missed").

Monsieur le Landlord—Sir: Pourquoi don't you mettez some savon in your bed-chambers? La nuit passée you charged me pour deux chandelles when I only had one; hier vous avez charged me avec glace when I had none at all; tout les jours you are coming some fresh game or other on me, mais vous ne pouvez pas play this savon dodge on me twice. " The humourist Miles Kington wrote a regular column "Let's Parler Franglais" which, for a number of years starting in the late 1970s, appeared in the British magazine Punch.

Savon is a necessary de la vie to any body but a Frenchman, et je l'aurai hors de cet hotel or make trouble. These columns were collected into a series of books: Let's Parler Franglais, Let's Parler Franglais Again! , Let's Parler Franglais One More Temps, The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman and Other Literary Masterpieces.The acceptance of such words varies considerably; for example, (the latter being in current usage in Canada).The word courriel, equivalent of "e-mail", created and used in French-speaking Canada is increasingly coming into use in written European French.Another example in English literature is found in Henry V by William Shakespeare. —cank four—four times five's twenty—eat twenty times a day—not possible!A French princess is trying to learn English, but unfortunately, "foot" as pronounced by her maid sounds too much like "You shall manger cinq fois every day," said she; "cinq fois," she repeated.—"Humph! " "Oui, Monsieur, cinq fois," repeated the Countess, telling the number off on her fingers—"Café at nine of the matin, déjeuner à la fourchette at onze o'clock, dîner at cinq heure, café at six hour, and souper at neuf hour."PARIS, le 7 Juillet. According to Chapman Pincher, one of Winston Churchill's family recounted how the latter, in response to obstinacy from General de Gaulle in a meeting during de Gaulle's wartime exile in London, told him, "Si vous m’opposerez je vous get riderai!meaning 'a walkie-talkie' (hand-held, two-way radio). For those who do not speak English, such words may be believed to exist as such in English.